We are excited to share our plans with you! We have been working with architects for several months and finally think we have something we can work with. Some small changes have been made on these plans and I am sure there are more to come but we wanted to give you an idea of what we are planning.

The shaded in area is the original school. We will be removing the back portion of the school that has caved in and rebuilding an addition to the East. This is the basement and Dakota Fiber Mill will be located in the new addition.

The first floor of the original school will have a sitting room/school memorabilia room in the North Classroom and retail store in the South Classroom. The addition will house the eating area, kitchen and elevator with entrance from parking area.

The second floor will have an apartment in the North Classroom and honeymoon suite in the South Classroom, the new addition will hold all of the other guest rooms.

The gym will be the event center.