Shepherd Industries

The Shepherd Industries store is housed in one of the classrooms in the Nome Schoolhouse. You will find our handmade wool products here as well as craft supplies, art, homegoods, locally sourced products and Nome Schoolhouse Merchandise.

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About Us

We Are a store for Makers

We are a store catering to makers of all kinds. Based in Nome, North Dakota, we specialize in fiber arts, wool, and accessories. Our mission is to offer the best tools for your craft, carefully sourced from the finest local makers and producers.

In addition to sourcing from local makers and producers, we also take pride in offering our own line of products. We are proud to say that our store features wool and fiber arts products made from the sheep we raise and processed in our own fiber mill. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards and ensure that our customers have access to unique, locally-sourced materials.

At our core, we are passionate about making things and supporting fellow creatives, producers, and businesses. We believe that all makers deserve access to beautiful, high-quality supplies that inspire and elevate their craft.


Our Story & Mission

Our story began when Chris of Dakota Fiber Mill and Teresa of Bear Creek Felting partnered their businesses, renovated a 100 year old school building with the desire to share their love of the fiber arts with the world.

Our wool products are either grown by us or sourced locally and processed in our fiber processing mill located in the lower level of the Nome Schoolhouse.

We want to make things here in America because:

  • We can assure their design, quality, and sources
  • We can reduce our carbon footprint
  • We can help keep American makers and shepherds, both old and new, making and producing.

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Are store hours are:

  • Tuesdays 10-4
  • Fridays¬† 10-4
  • Saturdays 9-12

*if you are a guest or come for a tour please let us know you are interested in shopping in our store, we will open it for you.

Tour the Mill

To set up a tour of the Fiber Mill contact [email protected]

Classes and Retreats

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Some of our Products you will find in the Shepherd Industries Store

{ Responsibly Sourced AND Crafted in America }

Dakota Spun Yarn

Felt Products

Needle Felting Kits

Needle Felting Supplies

Nome Schoolhouse

Contact Us

[email protected]

(701) 850-7764


Store Location

200 1st Ave
Nome, ND 58062
Open Tuesdays 10-4, Fridays 10-4, and Saturdays 9-12