Are you a Maker or a Creator? Are you willing or eager to pass along your skills and knowledge? If so, Nome Schoolhouse invites you to join us as an instructor!

Your expertise is valued here. Simply propose a project, share your fee expectations, set your class specifics, and choose suitable dates. We’re excited to witness YOUR skills in action.

At Nome Schoolhouse, we’re passionate about hosting a diverse array of classes, from Watercolor Painting to Jewelry Making, Weaving, Knitting, Crochet, Quilting, and anything else you’re passionate about teaching.

Whether you’re planning a one-day workshop or a multi-day retreat, rest assured that your participants will be well taken care of. But it’s not just about the classes—it’s about the experience. We take care of our instructors like family, providing comfortable guest rooms, delicious meals prepared with care, and even airport pickup for your convenience.

Our facilities offer lodging, meals, and beverages, with comfortable accommodations including 11 hotel rooms and 14 beds, alongside 7 camping spots for those who prefer a closer connection with nature. Our meals are lovingly prepared, catering to various dietary needs and preferences. And when it’s time to unwind, our full bar is at your service.

But it’s not just about the classes—it’s about the experience. Explore our Shepherd Industry Store onsite for all your fiber and crafting needs, or indulge in a tour of our Fiber Mill and Schoolhouse, adding a unique element to your retreat.

Our spaces are designed with your needs in mind. With ample natural light, patio access, private areas, and plenty of outlets, we ensure that both you and your participants have everything required for a successful class or retreat. We will assist you in selecting the perfect space for your event, taking into account availability and your specific requirements.

When it comes to rates and supplies, we’ve got you covered. Simply factor in your time, the supplies you’ll provide, and any mileage costs. And don’t worry about accommodation expenses—we’ve got that covered too.

 Promoting your class or retreat is a breeze with Nome Schoolhouse. We’ll create a registration page on our website and a Facebook event, where you’ll be co-host. Utilize our platform, tag Nome Schoolhouse, and use #ClassIsInSession to maximize your reach.

So, whether you’re a seasoned instructor or a first-time teacher, Nome Schoolhouse is the perfect place to share your passion and expertise.