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Nome Schoolhouse

What are you? Are you a school? A Museum? . . .

Nome Schoolhouse was once a school – from 1916 to 1970. In July of 2021 the Schoolhouse opened it’s doors to welcome people to book a hotel room, schedule a dinner, come for a tour, see the fiber mill, plan their small to large events, and enjoy our classes and retreats.

So while we have classes – we are not a school.

And while we give historical tours – we are not a museum.

We have a dining room – but we aren’t a restaurant.

We are a world class retreat center and event venue. A boutique hotel. A dining experience for your scheduled event or meal. A get away for makers, creators, and fiber arts enthusiasts.

Where do I park?

When you drive up to the school you will find a large gravel parking lot to the North of the school (to your left). Please, only park in that lot – and not in the square in front of the school.

How can I learn more about what you all do?

Visit our Ewetube channel and watch Teresa and Chris’ videos about the construction, the flock, our classes, and so much more!

Teresa’s Favorites: #32 (Covid Predictions), #49 (Scary Bunny), #87 (Lambing Barn), #92 (Escaped Llama)

Chris’s Favorites: #113 (Gertrude Larson Interview)

Classes & Retreats

Are meals included in my class or retreat registration?

Not all classes include meals. The detailed information on the class or retreat will list any meals that are included in the price of your class

I am a Maker, and love to or would love to teach others. How can I be an instructor for a class?

We would love to learn more about what you do and have you lead a class in your area of expertise! We enjoy welcoming new instructors and classes. Reach out to Teresa at [email protected]

Shopping our Fiber Products

How can I buy your products?

You can purchase our products online or in person! You can shop online here or visit the Shepherd Industries Shop at the Nome schoolhouse. There are some products that are in our physical store that are not sold online – and more of a yarn selection!

What are your Shepherd Industries Store hours?

The Shepherd Industries Store is open on:
Tuesdays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
Thursdays from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturdays from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Are you a spinning wheel and loom dealer?

Yes! Thanks for asking! We are a Schacht Spindle Dealer. You can reach out to Teresa to learn more – [email protected]

Bear Creek Felting

Wait. What? What do you mean you have a flock of sheep?

Yes! Currently around 300 sheep provide the wool for our products. Our owner Teresa and her husband, Jeff have been raising sheep for quite some time. These sheep are specifically bred to create the perfect wool for our Bear Creek Felting kits.

What is the Bear Creek Felting Academy?

You can learn more online here – but in summary, Teresa started Bear Creek Felting out of her house before running her business out of the joint venture here. The needle felting kits come from this and you can join the Academy to learn more, join a community of felters, and really explore this amazing craft!


Are you a restaurant? How do I book a meal? And How much notice do you need?

The short answer? No, we have a dining room but we are not a restaurant.
 You can think about it this way – you can treat us like family! But like family, our fridge only holds a certain amount of food. If you drop in the day-of and hope for a meal, we just don’t have what we need to feed everyone. (And in Nome, we are a ways away from the nearest grocery store.)

Our chef prides herself on making fresh, made-from-scratch meals. To serve you these delicious options we buy groceries in small batches. Most scheduled meals need to be decided and scheduled 1 week in advance.

Below are a variety of ways you can enjoy our Dining Room. 

  • Be A Guest At Our Hotel! – Our hotel guests receive a complimentary breakfast, and can add Lunch and Supper meals at an additional cost. All meals are Chef’s Choice (no menu selections.)
  • Schedule Your Event! – From birthday and anniversary parties to bridal and baby showers. From Family Reunions to Weddings. To one day leadership meetings to overnight corporate retreats. Your unique event will have access to our catering menu and the skills of our amazing chef!
  • Book a Group Meal! – Whether it be a date night for two, a group of 90, or a meal to go along with your guided tour – you can have a delicious meal at the Nome Schoolhouse. Group meals need to be scheduled one week in advance.
  • Join us for one of our many Dining Events! – We host a variety of dining events throughout the year. Some require tickets or reservations and others are run “restaurant-style.” Our Vendor Fair and 4th of July events also open up our Dining Room with a delicious menu.   Stay up to date on upcoming Sunday Suppers, Five-Course-Meals, Restaurant Style Events, and other Specialty Dining Events on our events page or on our Facebook page.

You can book your hotel room and add meals online by clicking here.
You can schedule your event or group meal by contacting our Event Coordinator at [email protected] or calling 701-850-9157.


Can I look around myself for free?

Yes! The Nome Schoolhouse is open for viewing on Tuesdays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

(Some areas may be off-limits to the public as we prepare or host a private event.)

How do I book a Guided Tour?

Guided tours are available of the Schoolhouse and the Fiber Mill! You can learn more, check on the cost, and schedule your guided tour by contacting our Venue Coordinator at [email protected] or calling 701-850-9157.

Hotel Rooms

When and how are my meals served?

Meals for our Hotel Guests are Chef’s Choice. They will be fresh, made from scratch, and delicious! We promise. It is hard to give you an example – as our Chef has many talents and abilities!
Please contact us with any dietary restrictions or allergies for us to follow for your meals. Thanks!

Breakfast is served at 9 am.

Lunch is served at 12 pm.

The evening meal is served at 6 pm.

Is there a gas station nearby?

There is not a gas station in Nome. The nearest gas stations are:

Valley City – approx. 36 miles (off of I-94, to the North East of us.)
Tower City – approx. 28 miles  (off of I-94, to the North West of us.)
Lisbon – approx. 23 miles  (on highway 27 and 32, to the South West of us.)
Enderlin – approx 16 miles (on highway 46, to the South West of us.)
City View Fuel at the Intersection of 41 and 1 – approx. 21 miles  (to the South East of us.)


Does the Nome Schoolhouse have an Accessible entrance and accommodations?

The Event Center doors are located at ground level and there is access to the elevator. Let us know if you need access and we will make sure the doors are open for you!

For the hotel, Room 8 is an accessible room with ample space between furniture, a walk in shower, and grab bars in the bathroom.

There is only one small section of the school that is only accessible by stairs (basement level bathrooms and Clink’s Room). 


How can I be a part of the team at the Nome Schoolhouse?

We would love to have you! From jobs in the Fiber Mill, Housekeeping, Hospitality, Event Help, Dining Room, etc. – we can always use more skilled and enthusiastic team members. You can email Teresa at [email protected] to learn more about potential openings and how your skills might fit here.

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