Basket Weaving Retreat at the Nome Schoolhouse October 2-3, 2021


Start: October 2, 2021 at 9:00 am
Finish: October 3, 2021 at 4:00 pm

Basket Weaving Retreat at the Nome Schoolhouse October 2-3, 2021 #1



Join us for a Basket Weaving weekend at the Nome Schoolhouse.

Bring a friend and enjoy the hospitality. Spend the weekend at the Schoolhouse with meals, classes and supplies for one price. You also have the option of booking a room and staying right in the Nome Schoolhouse

Saturday       9am to 6pm             (coffee and snacks, lunch and dinner included)

Sunday         9am to 4pm             (coffee and snacks, breakfast and lunch included)

Wine-not Basket with Linda Hansen

This handy tote can be used for wine or a lunch/work tote. It is made with a 5 x14 D handle and is 9” tall without the handle and 9 ½” long; 5” wide. Natural flat reed is used for the stakes and weavers. Base is filled with 3/8” flat reed. Dyed reed adds color and texture. Students will have a selection for color to accent the basket. It is finished with flat oval reed and lashed with small reed. The D-handle helps the basket shape nicely.

Golden Oui Basket with Linda Hansen

Students will weave around a small Oui yogurt jar using a fine cane. Each student will weave two baskets.  This little jar serves as a mold for students as they shape their basket. The basket begins with a 2″ wooden base and stakes. A twill weave is used with the cane reed to make a gentle swirl around the jar. The jar is finished with waxed linen twined around the top. Beads as decoration are added to finish the project. All levels of skill welcome. Materials and tools provided. 2 1/2 ” Diameter at top 3″ tall. Teacher will provide materials and tools.

Roly-Poly Basket with Marcy Blikre

The Roly-Poly basket is woven on a 3” wood base. You will learn how to set up a base on the 3” round wood disk, learn the continuous weave, learn to shape a basket, and learn the triple-rod wale weave. The continuous weave is woven with spaced-dyed (variegated) reed. You will have a selection of colors to choose from. The approximate height of the Roly-Poly basket is 6 inches. All materials and tools are provided for your weaving needs. This basket is for all levels of basket weavers.

Catch-All Basket with Marcy Blikre

During the Saturday session, you will weave this large, useful basket. The basket shown is woven with natural and orange reed. If orange doesn’t suit you, you may choose maroon, navy, or forest green. You will learn a variety of basket weaving techniques and gain confidence as you watch the progression of your project!! The finished size is 7 1/2” x 12” x 8”. This basket is well worth the time it will take to weave. All materials and tools are provided for your weaving needs. This basket is for all levels of basket weavers.

Your Teachers

Marcy Blikre

Hi I’m Marcy Blikre. I have been weaving for over fifteen years and belong to the Headwaters Basketmakers Guild (Bemidji, MN), Minnesota Basketweavers Guild (Minneapolis, MN), and the National Basketry Organization. I attend three to four workshops each year to learn various weaving techniques and to get new ideas from the teachers and fellow weavers. As a retired educator, I love to teach basket weaving to those interested in this lost art form. A useful basket is one of beauty and purpose. For the past five years, I have sold baskets at various shows in North Dakota (West Fargo, Fargo, Minot, Bismarck, Harwood).

Linda Hansen

Avid weaver–retired teacher. Weaving was a great addition to my quilting hobby because it is a fiber art. I started weaving after was invited to a class on a Thursday and attended one that Saturday of 2012. At that Saturday class, I bought kits and tools. I was hooked. I have been weaving for 9 years and am a member of Headwaters Basketmakers Guild in Bemidji, MN, and a member of Quad Cities Basket Guild in Iowa. I regularly attend classes and workshops to expand my skills and knowledge. I have a summer “she-shed” in MN that allows for almost daily weaving and a weaving room in Iowa, too. Weaving has so much variety and so many options that I am always learning–natural materials, dyes, finishes, types of weaves. The mission of our Headwaters Basketmakers Guild is to keep the art of basketmaking alive. Baskets are a part of all cultures and are a decorative and useful art form. I hope to share my joy of weaving with you.


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